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Adrienne has visited our district before and has always been well received. A teacher with the Vancouver school board for 20 years, she continues to teach part-time and provide workshops across the province.Stay tuned for more details as to what the topic of the day will be.

August 2013 Pro-D Day

"David Warlick is an educator, author, programmer and public speaker. An early adopter and promoter of technology in the classroom, Warlick has taught and written about technology integration and school curriculum for more than 30 years." Wikipedia
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Harnessing the New Information Environment


Dr. Stuart Shanker
April 26th 2013
Stuart is a Distinguished Research Professor at York University and has served as the Director of the Council of Human Development for the past ten years, the Director of the Canada-Cuba Research Alliance for the past six years, and was the first President of the Council of Early Child Development in Canada. Over the past decade he has served as an Screen Shot 2012-09-10 at 12.10.49 PM.pngadvisor on early child development to government organizations across Canada and the US and countries around the world, among them Australia, England, Ireland, Mexico, Peru, Romania and Serbia. Most notable among these is his involvement in the creation of the new early learning program in Ontario. His work on self-regulation has received much attention world-wide, and the impact of his work on how educators view children has been significant.

Gary Anaka
October 18th and 19th 2012
Gary is a well-known brain-based learning facilitator. He connects recent research with fresh new strategies that take little time, Screen Shot 2012-09-10 at 12.05.33 PM.pngno effort to prepare and can be implemented immediately. He will provide two opportunities for educators and others in October. On the evening of Oct.18th, Gary will present a session entitled The Magical Teenage Brain. In this session, he will uncover the secrets of the teenage brain and how it learns best meeting the needs of growing, changing adolescents. On the provincial professional development day, October 19th, Gary will provide a K-12 session entitled Engaging the Student Brain. This full day workshop will focus on today’s classroom reality, where we have students struggling with learning difficulties, learned helplessness, boredom and stress.


Tom Schimmer

Assessment for Learning

Tom is the author of
Ten Things that Matter From Assessment to Grading


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Tom is the author of Ten Things that Matter From Assessment to Grading

Brenda Bell
6 + 1 Writing Traits


Read about the presenter and the resource.external image msword.png Brenda Bell and Reading Traits.doc

SD #20 District Professional Day
August 31st 2011Castlegar Complex

**Respectful Workplaces**
Erica-Pinsky_609462.jpg**Erica Pinsky**is an engaging and inspirational speaker. She is an //author//, //blogger//, and //consultant// working with organizations to build respectful and inclusive workplace cultures. Her dynamic presentations are filled with concrete strategies, powerful insights, and engaging stories delivered in an entertaining straightforward style.

October 18th 2010 - Ruth Sutton

Stanley Humphries Secondary School

Ruth Sutton was a secondary teacher and deputy principal of an inner-city school in Manchester, England. She also taught on exchange in a senior high school in Ohio, United States. Five years as assessment consultant to a school district were followed by two years as senior adviser (assistant superintendent). She then became an independent consultant specializing in assessment for learning and school improvement. Her work takes her all over the world.
Keep in touch: sutton.ruth@gmail.com

Ontario Curriculum Unit Planner

Understanding by Design

Winnipeg Schools

Mindset by Carol Dweck

Creating Independent Student Learners

August 31, 2010 brought educators from several regional school districts together. Sir John Jones was inspirational, thought provoking, and challenged us to reflect upon our practice.

He encouraged us all to be "Weavers of Dreams" .
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In April, 2010, Tom Schimmer was the guest speaker for the district professional day at J.L. Crowe. His presentation focussed on assessment for the 21st Century.

Tom Schimmer presentations can be found at:
Tom Shcimmer Blog

SD 20 staff attended Dr. Brokenleg's presentation at the Charles Bailey Theater September 1, 2009. Dr. Brokenleg spoke of the essential elements in raising caring and confident children.